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some ghey guy in Operation Mayhem
STFU gheytor
by llama May 28, 2004

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colloq. gay
\Gheytor\ n. (gâ·tör) Colloq.

Southern United States derogative slang for a male who exhibits normative Texan characteristics, such as wearing cowboy boots and hats, speaking with a Southern drawl, chronic overconsumption of malted alcohol products and affection for firearms but also (ironically) engages in homosexual behaviour traditionally frowned upon in Southern US culture.

As opposed to term gay due to juxtaposition of the two cultural characteristics.
He may look like a good ol' boy, but don't let him fool you. That boy ain't right. I reckon he's a Gheytor, I tell you what.
by |DFF|Azz June 10, 2004
n. - One whom owns all; A lethal weapon used for mass destruction
This guy just gheytored a whole village
by Ryan May 28, 2004