a long skinny penis. derived from the word spaghetti!!!

damn that lassoed me with his ghetty! omf geez! i almost choked!
by annnthonniii September 03, 2006
Top Definition
A small get together of people with out major organization or set up.
Me and a few of my friends were thinking about getting a ghetty together.
by zach August 20, 2004
slang for a ghetto thing or person
look at that ghetty loser
by C April 30, 2003
A person who acts or display characteristics of being a hood rat or ghetto; hot getto mess
Look at that ghetty, this is not a night club, this is school.
by Princess Sasha April 20, 2010
like ghetto but kooler!!!
yep...eric n greg r ghetty
by JEss October 14, 2004

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