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Alias of Ghetto, a UK grime artist, top 3 selected youths. Known for his ability to hit every syllable with an extremely fast flow.
"What's happenin? / What's good cuz? / What's crackalin?
I'm in the hood blud / still battling / still tryina push drugs
When I see feds they only see legs / yeah, I'm still panickin
And I've left them fakes in the past / but I still hear snakes in the grass / still rattlin"

- Ghetto "Ghetts"
by grime scene followa March 16, 2008
a large butt; ghetto booty
Damn! Look at that girl's ghett!
by Wibly Ann September 18, 2007
someone or something that is ghetto
"dude, that guy is so ghett!"
by Meg June 21, 2004
something that is ghetto
I went to high school deep in OP - that was ghett
by Anonymous May 26, 2002
word to describe the female genetalia
tighter than a hens ghett
by Kevin Hume January 18, 2008
slang term for people who are ghetto
yo look at those ghetts. they sure are ghetto, i mean look at them, wearing fubu and all...
by sezmatic June 08, 2003
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