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contrary to the previous definition "ghetts" is used as a single syllable abbreviation for ghetto and is used as an adjective to describe something of poor quality, construction or aesthetic appeal. Normally associated with make-shift or temporary solutions.
yo dude, the paint job on your car is pretty "ghetts".

I went "ghetts" and made my own bong out of a pop can and a straw.

Dude! did you just eat white rice with your hands? That's pretty FOB not to mention "ghetts".
by dj petey September 10, 2006
9 21
Alias of Ghetto, a UK grime artist, top 3 selected youths. Known for his ability to hit every syllable with an extremely fast flow.
"What's happenin? / What's good cuz? / What's crackalin?
I'm in the hood blud / still battling / still tryina push drugs
When I see feds they only see legs / yeah, I'm still panickin
And I've left them fakes in the past / but I still hear snakes in the grass / still rattlin"

- Ghetto "Ghetts"
by grime scene followa March 16, 2008
91 10
a large butt; ghetto booty
Damn! Look at that girl's ghett!
by Wibly Ann September 18, 2007
11 4
someone or something that is ghetto
"dude, that guy is so ghett!"
by Meg June 21, 2004
16 9
something that is ghetto
I went to high school deep in OP - that was ghett
by anonymous May 26, 2002
7 8
word to describe the female genetalia
tighter than a hens ghett
by Kevin Hume January 18, 2008
5 8
slang term for people who are ghetto
yo look at those ghetts. they sure are ghetto, i mean look at them, wearing fubu and all...
by sezmatic June 08, 2003
9 18
That brother is wayy too ghetts!
by stevie.ak-pack January 27, 2009
9 19