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A pediphile that looks like a gangster
I've seen a lot of ghettophiles in prison.
by Beeshayhh April 20, 2011
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to love being ghetto. To love all things that are ghetto.
anoma and ananya are ghettophiles. WAIT NO, they're ghetto!
by wankmaster kawfi July 19, 2009
a person who is completely infatuated and/or obsessed with urban or gang-related culture to the point of absurdity. Specifically, one who would otherwise have no rational ties to the "ghetto" culture.
"I can't believe how much Ricky has changed since high school."

"Yeah, man. He used to be such a ghettophile. I wouldn't have been such a big deal, but he lived in the biggest house on our street."
by The Wilhelm Scream December 03, 2014

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