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Watermelon, the favourite fruit of the urbanite, such as those folks living in the government subsidized housing.
La Fawnduh enjoys her ghetto steak on the porch while drinking kool-aid.
by Lil'Tyrone July 29, 2007
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slice of watermelon
my nigglet friend invited me over for ghetto steak dinner and we all had a slice of watermelon
by triplej1974 August 12, 2013
When you take ground beef or other cheap meat and season it up and serve it like steak.
Dude, ghetto steak is still's red meat...except it's kinda been chewed for you.
by The Medicated April 06, 2011
Baloney, mainly when fried or other low budget lunch meat.
Let's get mom to cook some ghetto steaks.
by Day One September 02, 2007
A fast-food hamburger.
Yo, let's get some ghetto steaks and fries. Drive-through window.
by Timbotron3000 May 28, 2006

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