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An old beat car used for getting around in the ghetto. Usually a caprice, cutlass, or other large old cars.
Lets get in the Ghetto Hopper and hit the corner store.
by Flava Flaaa June 04, 2007
3 2

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A person who thinks they're ghetto but they're not

Someone that jumps back and forth from being ghetto, to being a prep, back to being ghetto

A person who think they've grown up in a tough neighborhood, but really have been raised by a fairly wealthy wealthy family, in a nice neighborhood
Mariah Carey - she always says she grew up poor, but she grew up in one of the richest neighborhoods of Long Island
by sly ahe May 08, 2005
8 1
A term used instead of shoes, especially ones that famous rappers endorse and wear themselves.
Hey Matt, that's a nice pair of Nike ghetto hoppers you have there!
by Brandon248 July 04, 2005
1 7