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an awesome loser who thinks their cool because they are
Matt is not a ganster, he is a ghetto ass
by Rayy March 30, 2008
a big ass.
a black girls ass.
check out that girls ghetto ass. DAYMM
by trendoid92 September 05, 2007
a big ass
a black womans ass.
that girls got such a ghetto ass.
by trendoid92 September 05, 2007
ghetto in a poor college white-kid way.
my fine bitches frosted my birthday cake with ziplock baggies. how ghetto-ass is that?
by J-Boo March 21, 2008
a word that define a person as extremely ghetto 1.n some who is ghetto mentally and physically with a ghettoness that really shows 2.v doing activities with a sense of gettoness.
1.n "dame yo you look like a ghetto ass and act like one too".
2.v yo you play football like a ghetto ass crackhead.
by victor almanzar June 12, 2010