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ghanta is an exclamation to express one's disagreement,disgust,anger,almost anything.
it can be used as a subsitute for balls,shit etc.
it signifies much more force than the above mentioned words.
1)harry:man you must have cracked the math test?

2)harry:the prof wants the project report by tommorrow
by Sankalp September 03, 2005
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Ghanta Ghar (Urdu: گھنٹہ گھر) literally means Hour House as Clock House or Clock Tower.

A ghanta is an Indian bell used in Hindu rituals. The same term is also used to describe Buddhist bells. edit Description.

GHANTA is an south indian popular hindu Surname/Family Name.

Ghanta mean an Hour
1) Ek ghanta HOUR hogaya!

2) Bhagavan Pooja ends with an 'Harathi' . Durring harathi 'ghanta' is eesential.
by gabs9999 November 12, 2010

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