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Gugure kasu. A japanese phrase meaning "go google it". When you don't know something, go google it, because that's what google is for. May also refer to the song 'Go Google It' sung by voice synthesizer programs Megurine Luka and Gackpoid (Kamui Gakupo).
Q: Do you like eggplant?
A: Ggrks.
by UtauReni March 16, 2010
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Gugure Kasu

Japanese internet slang for " google it, you dumb**s "
Used when someone comment or ask something, wondering about an information that could easily be found in seconds on google

Most of the time it's just translated as " Go google it " but the term actually has a more pejorative meaning than what people think

* There's also a vocaloid song with this title about a guy that ask a girl things like " what's you e-mail ? " " where do you live ? " and she reply with " ggrks "
(On a music video)
- What are the lyrics of the song ?
- ggrks
by SmilingCookie August 08, 2011
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