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Gakupo ( がくっぽいど) aka Gakupoid aka Gackpo aka Gackupo are a famous vocaloid by Yamaha.
The musician Gackt Camui gave his voice for this vocaloid, Gakupo.

(For those who don't know: Vocaloid is a computer vocal software where you use a computer voice to create a own song, and with no need for microphone or anything)
With his deep voice, he impressed a lot of people.

He was going to be released in June 2008, but they didn't have any character design for him.
In that moment, Kentarou Miura, a famous mangaka decided to draw his design.
His hair is purple, the clothes is a hakama, and he always has a katana (Sometimes used as an instrument).
Also, he's symbol is an egg plant.
- Look at the new vocaloid, Gakupo!"
- Yeah, isn't it awesome how his voicebank is by Gackt?
by Katsu-chan August 13, 2009
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