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acronym for 'go fuck yourself bitch'. often times the b can be replaced with k or r for kindly and roughly, respectively. used primarily in text messages, to convey the answer no or to end the conversation.
my mother texted me asking if i would like to come to dinner, i replied 'gfyb'
by mikillo December 12, 2009
Go Fuck Yourself Bitch
I am so sick of your shit, you can GFYB!

Hey you! Yeah, you! GFYB!
by A Dirty Cunt November 11, 2009
Good for you, bitch.

Said with an air of sarcasm because you really don't care about what was said.
Jade: I can't believe gas prices are so high! Good think my dad always fills the tank for me!
Nadia: Gfyb.
by thedevilwearsnadia May 18, 2011
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