Southern; General Fuck-Up

An undependable or unreliable person.
Usually a crackhead or trick.
Someone who can mess up anything.
"You smoked up the whole front! You're nothin but a GFU!"
by Lucca Brassi March 27, 2009
Top Definition
1.Go fuck yourself
2.Good for you
1.Hey man gfu
2.You won the lottery? Gfu
by LORD BOVINE July 15, 2005
get fucked up as in drunk.
oh mannn this weekend lets gfu.
by crazychick54354387354 January 29, 2008
To Get Fuck*d Up, by intoxicating yourself with too much alcohol.
This weekend im going to rep the gfu at kanoes party.
by SCOTLAND! May 23, 2009
Acronym used for the phrase "GO FUCK YOUR SELF"!!!!
How bout' you GFUS (go fuck your self)
by elmogunit August 07, 2007
GFUS or gfus stands for "Go Fuck Yourself" as in short text.
Hateful person: "Those pants are so nasty on you!"
Response: "gfus"
Hateful person: "What is that supposed to mean?"
Response: "look it up on!"
by cjcpro November 24, 2009
stands for: go fuck urself (yourself)
person 1: i won the lottery!
person 2: gfu
by mattyatty July 05, 2005
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