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damb = damn
by Zudzug June 30, 2003
Question: I've heard much about something called "pr0k." Can someone please tell me what this is?

Answer: pr0k - A verb, a nouns, an adjective, an action, a thing, an animal, an organ, a planet, a system, a concept, a god, a being, pr0k is anything you can think of, to define what's pr0k, it is easier to define what's not pr0k, like the ghey snarky, those sob delpigs. Everything else is pr0k.


Question: What is the proper spelling of pr0k? Why is the zero there?
Answer: Pr0k is spelled with a zero and not the letter o. The zero is there to make it stand out.
Question: What are the origins of the word pr0k?
Answer: It all started one day when one of our most revered members CivillianX misspelled the word pork. The first known use of the word was in the sentence: "I would prok her." In no time it became a phenomenon like no other. Its spelling evolved to take on the zero. Its definition evolved into the one stated above.
I'll pr0k you good, prokity pr0kker.
by Zudzug June 30, 2003
GFU: Girl Friend Unit. A parody on NVIDIA's GPU.
Also, anything that you can manipulate may be refered to in this fashion. I.E. BFU(boy friend unit), PU(parental or pr0k unit), etc.
by Zudzug June 30, 2003
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