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Acronym for "Good for nothing."
George Bush was most definitely gfn.
by westber July 10, 2009
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Good fucking night.

Used usually when stressed or angry.
Had a long day, cant wait to sleep. Gfn.
by keZi January 25, 2012
Stands for: Grenade Free Nation
Referenced in season 2 of the popular reality tv show, Jersey Shore. It's what the United States should one day become.
Dj Pauly D: Yo Mike, there are grenades everywhere!
Mike the Situation: Why can't we live in a GFN?
by naomis October 26, 2010
Acronym that literally translates to "gay fag n00b"; in practice, refers to a player in a video game lacking even the most rudimentary skills, and implies an inability of said player to ever gain them.
"I don't want that GFN on my team."

"Just kick that GFN and let's start."
by DrCruel November 23, 2007

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