Top Definition
good fuckin job
gfj for beating asshole
by grhrh October 29, 2003
Germany Fried Jews.
Hitler Approves Germany Fried Jews!

Catchphrase for the GFJ in Nazi Germany
by Jittler June 17, 2013
Grapefruit juice, pure and simple. It's one of the tastiest beverages in the world. It comes in 3 types: White, Pink, and Red. They're all so fucking good.
Pour me a fuckin' glass of GFJ.

We're running low on GFJ.

Fuck, dude, I spilled my GFJ.
by Pat and Nick March 07, 2007
"This presidential candidate is GFJ"

"The civil war in X country is GFJ"
by Alex2100 February 19, 2014
Goat Fuck Jamboree. A jumbled situational debacle.
The Mac race was a GFJ!
by Mike Mermel June 15, 2007

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