God Forsaken Hellhole
"I would join the military, but I don't want to be shot at by crazy people in some GFH"
by Adam Ellsworth February 13, 2006
Top Definition
Get fucken huge

How powerlifters eat
"Hey man, my bench wont go up"

"Start eatin GFH"
by Bobby July 26, 2004
short for "get fucking huge"
large amounts of food have to be eaten in order to GFH
by C-Webb October 25, 2004
Good For Head
yo that girl over there is GFH. Or u just tell a girl she's GFH she doesn't have to know what it stands for. Its a code word thats funny and helps when it comes to wheeling because not a lot of people know what it means
by FRIDGE69 January 15, 2013
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