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very talented rapper from Atlanta.

He's signed by Eminem, on Shady Records
Yeah, my name is Stat Quo...
by C-Webb October 25, 2004
used to express that you are greater and better than somebody else.


used to say that somebody has no chance against you
King Kong ain't got shit on me!!!
by C-Webb August 09, 2004
short for "get fucking huge"
large amounts of food have to be eaten in order to GFH
by C-Webb October 25, 2004
is a german insult which translated means "idiot" or "jackass".

It's origin comes from the german name "Horst".
As all people named "Horst" are really jackasses and look really spastic, the name "Horst" became a german insult, and "Vollhorst" is like "bigger jackass".
-he missed a free throw!

-what a vollhorst!!!

-yesterday my dog ran against our door.

-he's a vollhorst!!!
by C-Webb August 10, 2004
G-Unit is the most electrifying rap-group in music business!

G-Unit means Gorilla Unit

the members are:
50 Cent
Lloyd Banks
Young Buck
Tony Yayo

G-Unit also has its own label, called "G-Unit Records"
ATM the only "non-g-unit-member" on this label is The Game.
by C-Webb October 25, 2004
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