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experiencing orgasm
she moaned as she was getting off from his fingering
by Dawn July 12, 2002
British slang for making out, kissing, or just generally heavy petting.
- Did you see Hannah? She was getting off with Rob!
- Haha. Man. She's so dirty.
#kissing #petting #making #out #slang
by Ethixz May 05, 2006
masturbationjacking off, whacking off,
She was getting off to porn.
by Chronicidal February 19, 2004
Originated in southeast San Diego. This phrase is used when one is repeatedly doing very well in a certain area.
When you're out doing your peers, you would say, "Oh, I'm getting off on this shit."

When you have a good grade in a class, you would say "I'm getting off in that class!"

When you're at the top of the list on mw2, you would say to the others in the lobby, "I'M GETTING OFF ON Y'ALL!"
#southeast san diego #619 #let's go #mw2 #samuel f. b. morse high school
by lklllll July 20, 2010
is in question form of GET OFF, having sex
Davon:"Man is you getting off?"
#get off #sayin yes #davon #angelica #sex
by Ahmayzeing Jackson May 19, 2010
A Term used When a person vacates the area he/she is in,i.e when they want to go.Also: Bail, Shoot the Craw, Shoot me boots.
" I'm gonna do a quick bong and then I'm Getting Off to me birds "
by John Gaskell May 04, 2004
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