Gettin stupid is a bay-area term for a type of dance that they do. Goin stupid somewhat resembles an insane person losing control, dancing as if no one is watching, shaking your head all over the place (dreads add a nice touch to it), and just plain losin' it.
Mayn! Did you see dem' nigga's last night mayn? They was gettin' stupid up in the club!
by Bay Area Mami March 07, 2006
Top Definition
a spastic style of dance that can be seen at sideshows and dance parties in Oakland, Ca.
"Then there is gettin' stupid, in which drivers or spectators dance spasmodically, sometimes on the hoods of moving cars."
-Los Angeles Times article "Deadly Swerves and Spins"

I'm goin' Andie's dance party this weekend get stupid though.
by paul mathus January 18, 2006
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