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a word to describe every adjective that refers to the african american population
ex: oh negro, that guy who was jerkin it is so getti.
by Jazzie Fizzilicious July 17, 2009
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"Doing a Getti", the act of getting rid of a mobile phone within 48 hours of purchasing it.
You've only had your phone a day and you're already selling it? You're such a Getti...
by trickydicky01 November 25, 2010
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A very mean wild creature that is a blur. Found running the streets of Sarye PA butt ass naked with a hairy ass screaming out its mating call.
Guy1 Last night i seen the getti and its hairy ass running down the street chasing little kids.

Guy2 Me to it looked to me as if it was killing the kid.
by jonny p stoufer July 29, 2010
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