a phrase meaning simply do what you got to do when you got to do it, usually it is associated with sex. "Getting some" could apply to anything that requires great effort in the form of physical or mental strain. When used properly it is the ultimate motivation and really a way of saying be yourself and give it your best. May be a trigger word to go rey rey.
i was doing homework long hours into the night and felt like quiting, then i told myself "get some!" and was able to finish quickly
by rey train November 14, 2006
to seduce a girl into getting some pussy
John: Bro, I got some last night!
Ryan: Dude, Im gonna get some tonight!
John: (No your not...)
by kilometeros July 15, 2008
A phrase usually shouted, written on personal belongings (such as skateboards, snowboards, arms, cars, etc).
Can mean anything from "Hell Yeah!" to "Do me!"
"Dude, Where's that Douchebag Josh?"
"He's freakin' dead, man."

"What tattoo will you get?"
"Oh, I dunno, one that says Get Some, or something."
by meestajones July 06, 2009
a term used when you see a friend or a family member with their love partner or spouse, regardless of what they are doing. intended on sexual meaning. also goes nicely with some lavish movements of the hip in the "humping" fashion.
joe- " hey bill"
bill- "what joe"
joe- "look at jesse and shelley over there kissing"
bill- " aww sweet lets go walk over there and scream GET SOME
joe- " im already on it"
by steven alione January 24, 2008
The final step in desecrating on one's peronal confidence socially, thus rendering their reputation "dead" among aquaintances. This action may be used either in the spur of the moment, or in a one-on-one setting which shall be disclosed to the general public thereafter.
Mick: Hey Melvin, the 80's called, they want their mustache back. GET SOME.

Everyone in Vicinity: Yea Melvin, GET SOME nair.

Melvin: I hate you.
by Birddog Dan January 31, 2011
While fucking a TJ whore missionary style, amongst the backdrop of accordion-heavy folk music and squeaking bed springs, at the point of climax, you squeeze her arms very hard and give a piercing stare into her eyes and yell "get some!" Since the whore does not understand english, she fails to understand the humor nor the prurient value, leaving her both frightened and confused. A deeply satisfying experience.
Uh! GET SOME! *squirt*
by dirTsamoan June 30, 2003
An insult often combined with Bitch or Birch. Used often in a nonsensical tone similar to "your face".
Get Some, Birch!
by ZMORONICD July 08, 2009
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