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a term used to describe getting in the right additude whether it by getting drunk, high, taking a shit or any other thing that puts you in the "right" additude.
"He's looking get right"
by WEBSTER'S BITCH October 30, 2005
term used to describe the art/act of getting right.

1. to put yourself in a position whereby you're in the right state of mind and will thus be able to perform to the best your ability.

2. to get right - bringing yourself back from the brink of pure weakness.

3. Get me right - asking of others to use their skills/powers to get you right.

4. an object or person or action getting you right.

5. Once one has gotten oneself right, they can would be deemed to be RIGHT UP!
1a. I signed up to run a marathon so therefore I knew I would have to train hard to Get myself Right.

2a. I was getting sick everywhere as I approached the finish line but I was so close I knew I had to Get Right.

3a. Come on there now, I'm weak, get me right!

4a. That Drink/Kearnage/Robo/Crent is getting me right.

by Crentmaster13 February 27, 2013
When somone is acting dumb you tell them to GET RIGHT
Bobby was acting a fool so jordan told him to GET RIGHT
by bobby Flip flop flops August 23, 2010
1.A straight hoe
2.To do the damn thang
1.That bitch Tanya iz a GET-RIGHT
2.Yo I'm bot 2 go GET-RIGHT with this get-right
by Mardi April 11, 2003
To use cocaine as a mood enhancer to feel proper or to "get right"
Man I need a bump just to get right.
by Mean Gean Oakland May 17, 2004
a song from jennifer lopez
"i'm about to sign you up we can get right before the night is up we can get riiighhttttt tonniiigghhttt
by ciara February 27, 2005
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