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jealousy doesnt mean that you dont trust someone. its just means that you care a lot. it means youre scared to lose someone or you feel like attention has been deawn away from you.
i was jealous of my ex boyfriends friend. he spent more time talking to her and telling her things than he did with me. i got scared i was going to lose him because maybe i didnt hold his interest anymore.

i staret dto chyll with this guy and we alwasy fooled aroudn and flirted. then my friend staret dto chyll with us and the attention was taken away from me to her.
by Ciara January 17, 2005
"amazing" - basically anything that is good/great... or.. amazing...
"haha, that's amzing!"
by Ciara January 25, 2004
defamatory term used to describe someone who one does not like
that sharon is such a gee bag
by ciara January 16, 2004
n. An African-American meal usually including macaroni, fried chicken, collard greens, yams, mashed patatoes, rolls and occassionally sweet peas. These delicacies are typically mastered by one's grandmother and cannot be duplicated by anyone else.
Origin: Made popular by the movie and television series Soul Food.
One: What are you doing for Thanksgiving?
Two: Oh, you know my grandmama's making that soul food.
by Ciara November 15, 2004
Beautiful and wild creature originally stemming from the area of the Indian Ocean. Dark soulful eyes. Wildly irresponsible and ridiculously generous. Loves with a passion, which is akin to obsession. Non violent and gentle. Unique, tall, and extremely handsome. Magnetic properties.
Like Mogli just hotter.

"Did you see Partho today?? Can barely keep my hands off him!"
by CiAra November 24, 2013
a ghatto boys hoe
that gangstas got a mad fine ghetto hoochie
by ciara April 28, 2003
A)a word meaning yeah, of course, duh, etc
B) used instead of spluh
A)spah, ill go to the mall
B)yeah ill date him, splah!
by ciara March 31, 2005
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