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a phrase used while disco dancing.
but you can only use it on a saturday or friday night when there is a disco ball and you are wearing green
"get jiggy with it"
"but your not wearing green."
by Jadeizzle August 28, 2008
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To be Rather Over Physical with ones Crotch, whilst making loving facial expressions, waving ones arms about as though one is trying to embarrass oneself by pretending to piss out a fire by shaking ones genitals on ones own, or if coupled by a totally unknown stranger is the act of extinguishing a fire with ones grinding upon their legs at Trendy clubs is cool...
That cute Indian babe totally knew how to "Get Jiggy With It" it was like she was trying to piss on my leg, My trousers were coated in a giant snail trail like one has never seen before, especially after that song... "She Shook her juggies & then we got Jiggy with it..." oh yer
by disco doug October 17, 2009
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