Action: to chill out
1) To relax and give your partner dome
2) Make them feel good
3) Basically.. to let them get it in
bra, im feelin it right now.. im gonna try & get it in with Amb El
by J.2.R. November 11, 2009
Top Definition
To go hard in what you do, you can get it in with females, money, hoop'n etc..
If you got game you can get it in with the chicks
by tg_c4 April 04, 2009
To fuck bitches
"I'm tryna get it in tonite!!"
by Nice January 12, 2004
- verb (including but not limited to the following uses):

1. To drink heavily and engage in acts of debauchery with a group of like-minded friends

2. To take part in a sexual encounter with a lesser degree of significance and emotional involvement
Example 1: 'I'm extremely excited to get it in at the bar tonight'

Example 2: 'If you continue to court her this aggressively, I am certain you'll get it in sooner rather than later'
by murphopolis July 20, 2009
boy: girl you gonna let me "get it in"?
girl: of course i am.
by slutmuffinn November 09, 2009
To have a fun or entertaining time with, usually as compensation for a period of extended separation between two or more people.
When you come visit me at college, we'll get it in.

I haven't seen you guys in a minute. We should get it in this weekend!

by litfuse January 10, 2008
to be successful at something difficult
I been trynna get a job for months, but I'mma get it in. beliee dat!
by Luminiferous Aether February 27, 2010
Irish phrase for overwhelmingly happy and/or lucky.
Jeff and Harry found the pot of gold and were getitin all week long!
by The Spell Checker December 02, 2010
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