to get intoxicated to the point where as you can't even stand up. To drink an acholic beverage to the point of unconciousness.
Last week Stone went to the bayou classic and got bent. We had to carry him to his room. Go GSU!
by x factor February 22, 2005
to get wasted; to get tanked; to get crunked
person a: hey what did you do on new years?

person b: well i went to my friends house and got absolutely bent off of red bull and vodka.
by john January 01, 2005
it's like saying "go fuck yourself," because when a person MASTERBATES a lot, their penis begins to curve (or "bend")... it's what you say to someone who has nothing better to do.
"hey mike, we should go drinking tonight"
"or you could just get bent!"
by beasley September 21, 2005
Without being too explicit, it implies a request for someone to bend at the waist, to either expose their bottom for kicking or other nefarious purposes, or, as I usually mean it, for someone to bend at the waist and please themselves in a physical manner as to relax and in turn, “go **** themselves.”
"Get bent, you piece of shit!"
by Koolbear April 16, 2016
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