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Is an old miners cuss word meaning to get Decompression Sickness or known then as Cassions Disease.
When they built the foundations for bridges they worked in water tight containers on the river bed (Cassions) and when they came to the surface too quick bubbles formed in the body, mostly around the joints causing them to be doubled over in pain. This is known as the Bends.
This could last a long time.
Once a worker had this he looked deformed, couldn't work and left a vacancy for a family member/ friend etc. of another worker.
The quicker you get bent the better
by BishopDWallyDHonk November 09, 2010
telling someone off without foul language
Are you still here? Get Bent
by friendly a$$hole September 27, 2010
A statement that suggests to the receiver that getting fucked might be the solution to their often-trivial problems. Usually used as a slightly more politically correct version of "fuck off", but can also be used as an honest suggestion.
If you think I'm going to do your nasty laundry, you can just get bent

Man, that woman is such a bitch. She needs to get bent.
by Zorpheus July 17, 2010
"Fuck off"
Usually used like "Get bent (name)!"
Or "Shut the fuck up man,get bent!"
Hey Allen,get bent! hahahhahah
by Teh Dave July 13, 2003
Origin: To go on a bender, a drinking binge, and reach the state of being in an alcoholic stupor: i.e. to get fucked up.

Commonly used as a perjorative invective: same intent as "piss off" or "fuck off"
Why don't you get bent.
by Surete May 07, 2009
-No way!, forget it!,
-total rejection of suggestion,
-get drunk until unconsciousness or depression,
-get sodomized!, bent over naked and used sexually,
-turn gay ( or un-straight )

-see get bent

Will you lick my di**?
I will not! GET BENT!
by comeonman November 26, 2006
get very very fucked up. on drugs or either alcohol.
"aye yo man lets go get bent at the strip club"
by vtex June 15, 2008
Imperative commanding one to pray to God.
"Get bent? Well, that can only mean one thing: get bent down on your knees and pray!" Ned Flanders
by Amoxcillin 750mg February 12, 2007