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this is the correct word to use when the person using it is grammatically incompetent, and unable to understand that this should mean "get is"
Man this song get's you pumped!
by zachypoo123 January 03, 2012
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A word used to identify a post with a certain number that marks a milestone on a forum.

A common example is on 4chan or a similar site where people race to obtain 4MIL GET (4000000th post) or perhaps even 7777777GET.

However, the GET may be either successful, leading it to be enjoyed and commemorated by the community or a failure, leading to posts filled with sage and general unpopularity.

"omg, a modget, fails harder than milhouse"
by Skye E. June 03, 2007
705 99
Mild expletive. A North West of England term (esp. Lancashire) used similarly to the word "git"
Give us that back 'ere you cheeky get!
by DrGreyhound December 17, 2007
123 69
Vancouver local slang to tell a person to get fuck outta there. Extremely offensive. Don`t use it with strangers unless u wanna get into some serious fight.
- You moron, look what you did! Fuck off!
- Relax, it wasn`t too big a deal.
- Just get.
(guy leaves)
by L.Ana November 27, 2009
113 65
To "get" something means to "understand" it.
"When Mary told that joke, did you get it?"
by Jason Forbes December 28, 2005
163 139
The north eastern (UK) version of git.

A rather annoying person.
you are such a git, go home!
by Jonathan McTwattybollocks May 26, 2004
137 126
obtain, receive, acquire
I can get $10 for selling my guitar.
by GeNaiHwa May 24, 2005
89 83
a hook up, someone that your happy about, not a person you would deny having relations with.

A hookup that is a person cooler/hotter/better than you
"bro, gina was such a good get"
"no man, you were a get for her"
by the get machinee June 23, 2009
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