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"Get your weight up means I don't care if you're at school, I don't care if you're working at McDonald's, it's all about elevation in life. It's all about taking your life to the next step, and that's what I mean by that. I see a lot of people who run around here, man, and they just talk all the time about dope, and it ain't just about the streets and you getting your weight up. I know a lot of school cats who are trying to achieve their goals themselves, so whatever goals you achieve is getting your weight up." -Stank
Quit fuckin' around and get your weight up homie.
by Erdos July 10, 2008
refers to the 'drug business' that a person needs to get more money to put them at a higher status.
prson 1: man you broke as hell
person 2: i just got a block
person 1: you gotta 'get your weight up', son.
by sunnie D August 10, 2007
1. What every skinny bitch needs to do.

2. What every guy needs to do to his waffle breakfast sandwich game.
1. Skinny bitch- "you wanna hang out sometime?"
Guy- "Get your weight up and we'll see"

2. Alex 1- "how many waffle breakfast sandwiches did you get?"
Alex 2- "just 1"
Alex 1- "get your weight up"
by Kuhnski January 24, 2012
To say that someone needs more experience in something. To tell someone they need to practice.
"you want to battle me? you need to get your weight up -- you cant beat me."
by Mr_Gone April 04, 2006
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