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To say that someone needs more experience in something. To tell someone they need to practice.
"you want to battle me? you need to get your weight up -- you cant beat me."
by Mr_Gone April 04, 2006
"Get your weight up means I don't care if you're at school, I don't care if you're working at McDonald's, it's all about elevation in life. It's all about taking your life to the next step, and that's what I mean by that. I see a lot of people who run around here, man, and they just talk all the time about dope, and it ain't just about the streets and you getting your weight up. I know a lot of school cats who are trying to achieve their goals themselves, so whatever goals you achieve is getting your weight up." -Stank
Quit fuckin' around and get your weight up homie.
by Erdos July 10, 2008
refers to the 'drug business' that a person needs to get more money to put them at a higher status.
prson 1: man you broke as hell
person 2: i just got a block
person 1: you gotta 'get your weight up', son.
by sunnie D August 10, 2007
1. What every skinny bitch needs to do.

2. What every guy needs to do to his waffle breakfast sandwich game.
1. Skinny bitch- "you wanna hang out sometime?"
Guy- "Get your weight up and we'll see"

2. Alex 1- "how many waffle breakfast sandwiches did you get?"
Alex 2- "just 1"
Alex 1- "get your weight up"
by Kuhnski January 24, 2012