a saying that is yelled when someone jumps at another person and then gives them a hip bump.
Tanner:"So yeah...what should we do."
Robbie:"Idk but not this..."
Alyssa:"GET SOME!! (hip bump to tanner)"
Tanner:"Hey, stop!!"
(Tanner's pissed)
by Flappy Orange Hat November 25, 2009
Top Definition
Score some booty.
Hey, did u get some or not? You were in there for like an hour!
by Brockman September 15, 2003
Getting a confirmed kill in a fire fight, war.
Get Some Marines! GET SOME!!!!

I fucking got some in fallujah
by USMC_Grunt June 29, 2006
to receive something well, whether it be sex, money, victory, or something else
I finished that test in 10 minutes; I got some!
by Steve February 25, 2005
Refering to

a) sex "get some pussy"

b) fighting "get some of my fist"
I love that scene in the helicopter in full metal jacket where that guy is shooting them saying "GET SOME! GET SOME!"
by Gumba Gumba April 14, 2004
Used as if to get some sex, or get some action.
"Hey are you going to get some tonight from that hott chick?"
by gxghxfg November 14, 2007
to succeed in having sex or finding a sexual partner(a euphemism)
How do those punks always get some?
by The Return of Light Joker January 17, 2008
What I yell to couples that are like extremely making out, or holding hands, or when the he puts his arm around her
One day, I was on break and I saw my friend and her BF and they were making out, from a distance I yelled "GET SOME"
She still doesn't know. hahah!
by what??????!!!!!!!??????? April 26, 2011
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