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To go hard in what you do, you can get it in with females, money, hoop'n etc..
If you got game you can get it in with the chicks
by tg_c4 April 04, 2009
To fuck bitches
"I'm tryna get it in tonite!!"
by Nice January 12, 2004
- verb (including but not limited to the following uses):

1. To drink heavily and engage in acts of debauchery with a group of like-minded friends

2. To take part in a sexual encounter with a lesser degree of significance and emotional involvement
Example 1: 'I'm extremely excited to get it in at the bar tonight'

Example 2: 'If you continue to court her this aggressively, I am certain you'll get it in sooner rather than later'
by murphopolis July 20, 2009
boy: girl you gonna let me "get it in"?
girl: of course i am.
by slutmuffinn November 09, 2009
To have a fun or entertaining time with, usually as compensation for a period of extended separation between two or more people.
When you come visit me at college, we'll get it in.

I haven't seen you guys in a minute. We should get it in this weekend!

by litfuse January 10, 2008
to be successful at something difficult
I been trynna get a job for months, but I'mma get it in. beliee dat!
by Luminiferous Aether February 27, 2010
Irish phrase for overwhelmingly happy and/or lucky.
Jeff and Harry found the pot of gold and were getitin all week long!
by The Spell Checker December 02, 2010