Sexual Term ment to mean i want to have sex with you!

Who came up with it:
A young white kid named christian. He's from Arkansa but lives on the east coast now :D Lmao He is gay and enjoys older big black guys ;)
Christian: "Get in my Belly!"

Me: "I did last night! Do I have to again?"
by freakerofthedeaker February 17, 2011
Top Definition
"I want to eat you". Said in a scotch accent.
fat bastard: get in my belly!
by Kung-fu Jesus August 15, 2004
you are in my belly... meaning i am your "mamma"

i RULE you!!!!!!!!!!!!
you play someone in poker and beat them.... your excited and yell,"GET IN MY BELLY"!!!!!!
by flaminghomo May 28, 2011
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