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getting bucket it to shoot hoops or make baskets in basketball
i get buckets, on da court
#bucket #basketball #get #buckets #ballin
by PAYTON KOWALSKE January 23, 2008
The act of busting ass on the basketball court. This involves crossing people over (also known as "saucing"), dunking on phonies, hitting 3's in the defense's mouth, getting And 1's, locking up on defense, etc. It's pretty much like dominating a whole game by yourself.
Hey, my man Kobe gets buckets all day. That man ain't no joke.

Joe Johnson gets buckets in the clutch.

A.I. used to ball out on anybody back in the day. He crossed Jordan! My man get buckets.
#basketball #saucing #kobe #allen iverson #joe johnson #lebron #durant #melo
by D-Stupid September 30, 2013
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