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A third person phrase to signify anything you are really (or figuratively) into doing. putting your heart or other body part into your task at hand. A cheer for working hard to get to the next order.
1. (busy kitchen) "Get IN there"
2. (eating furiously) "Get IN there"
3. (having awesome sex) "Get IN there"
the list goes on and on, appropriate far too often to list.
by the rilz March 02, 2009
33 14
1. Anything that rationalizes the irrational.
2. Hooking up with a girl
I'm not trying to get fucked up tonight.
Man what the fuck GET IN THERE! or Get The Fuck In There

Did you get in there with that raw bitch last night?
Hell yeah i got in there with her
by Pete C January 17, 2006
82 30
Phrase used to express the need to get a guy before it's too late; to enter his court.
Oh no! I better get in there before another hoe asks him out!
by 'ape smack' February 27, 2009
35 21
to emphasise doing an action
get in there!!!!
by bodminzer0 April 13, 2004
38 26
A phrase shouted following an ecstatic development or accomplishment.
'I was goosing the lady last night and she asked me if other members of my football team could frequent her 'happy place' at the same time. GETINTHERE!'
by Honky Puff February 24, 2004
3 2