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An english teacher that has giant tits.
Dude we have the nicest gerstner in our class
by farhad November 17, 2006
a gerstner is a slightly childish being with great intellectual ability. they think quickly and accurately, can recite many historical, political, astronomical, religious, and just plain facts about anything from memory. there fault is they are surfers often losing themselves in the information super highway and get distracted easily.
aries are often times gerstners
by KingTor November 13, 2006
Small, frail soccer player with a Mexi-stache, and a low IQ.
"Wow Gerstner is a tard!"

"Evan! Herschel Walker is a Football player!"
"Shutup Gerstner."
by E-Mac 'Bulldagger' McInnis April 27, 2009

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