Random, low level intellect. Words errantly pieced together that undoubedtly hurt someone's feelings and are commonly perverse or vile.
"If you keep cutting something in half eventually your hand will touch the wall."
"I know I am wrong but that is not the point."
"My grandmother smells like oxygen."
"I don't wipe, don't make fun of me."
Gerryisms cause break ups.
by Josh1234abc May 05, 2006
Top Definition
1 An idiotic and often inappropriate or racist saying, generally spoken by a retard or dumbass who does not have access to the internet and owns an unnecesarry number of chickens.
2. Words spoken by one in need of a beating
The use of a gerryism just made that guy lose all his friends

"They should make thongs for babies"
"If i had a choice between kicking a puppy or a baby, id kick the baby real hard"
"When im in college my dorm walls are going to have tons of posters of naked girls. Like 5 year olds"
by Paint388 May 08, 2006
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