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Best footballer ever... the coolest, hottest most talented player in England and possibly the world. Steven Gerrard is the captain of Liverpool FC, the best team in England. He is a 26 year old midfielder who i love :D:D

whats the best team in england? Liverpool
whos the best player in england/world? STEVEN GERRARD
by Gabi Raving Reds Fan July 12, 2006
An alternative term for God often used by those affiliated with Liverpool FC.
Thank Gerrard i'm not a manc!
by Rhamhoy May 22, 2009
A sporting term. Often refers to a game of any kind ending with a miracle finish such as an equalizing or match-winning goal in the dieing stages of the game.
The match ended with a Gerrard with two minutes to go.
by ReadyPost December 13, 2008
When you wind down your window in a car and scream a word usually known as "GERRARD". This can be called Gerrarding also, it can cause people to jump and in extreme versions things are thrown.
"I just got a Gerrard"
"Lets Gerrard this guy ok GERRRRRARD"
by Gerrard12121 November 27, 2007
means a lie, when your blaggin some one and gettin one over on some one.
you:you say to your friend your mums dead, them: they so really your like gerrarddddddd!!!.
by david a flynn October 18, 2007
midfielder who shits out of a game when scoring an og.
gerrard wasn't in the game after the og
by mo-rfc March 08, 2005