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A person who sexually attracted to an old person.

Not to be confused with pedophile
Gary get turned on by naked woman over the age of 80, so he must be a gerontophile.
by Kerb November 30, 2004
A younger person who is attracted to an older person. There must be a vast age difference between the two.
1. Amara is 18 years old and she is dating a 59 tears old man. She is a gerontophile.

by TofuDog September 25, 2006
Individual (usually under 18 or young) who is romantically and sexually attracted to an older adult.

Also an "opposite pedophile"
Lea is 16 and in love with Keith who is 42, he banged her and she wants him even though he's married with children her age. Lea is a gerontophile.
by cheeriosssssss September 25, 2011
Somone who is sexually attracted to an older person.
Megan: Rachel is 17 and she loves Martin so much.
Susan: He is 37 !
Megan: She is a gerontophile.
by Francessca123 January 22, 2010

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