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he is jus fine.If u look up fine/sexy/fit/buff-etc,in da dictionary his pic will b dere.
germel u need to fuck me
a big daddy,dat needs to shave his face,but no wait he cnt,coz den hed look worse den he dus now.
person 1-wow hes short
person 2-not as short as germel
both - dats so tru
by hahahahaha August 02, 2003
a guy who tries to play basketball,da important word bein tries!lol.na we're jokin.he's safe.
look at anotha AIR BALL!!
a buff guy in P-16,nd he needs to get a beta gal coz she is buttttttterzzzzz.
in one word,buff
by sum1 dats all jus sum1 August 02, 2003