to have sex
damn u gerked last night
by javier i perez December 26, 2008
A geek who acts like a jerk.
That tech service guy was such a gerk!
by charlestlee December 16, 2008
v: the act of masturbating; wacking off; rubbing one out; punching the clown; choking the chicken; shaking hands with the unemployed; firing off some knuckle childreg; beating your fucking meat
Hey man, my mom caught me gerking last night with my sports illustrated for kids magazine on my bed.
by gasspaddle50 April 22, 2009
the girls of middle school in MD

omg that guy is such a gerk. he hangs out with his caluclator.
by hawwt shortiee March 21, 2005
to throw up
Stanley was in the bathroom, Gerking up something he ate last night.
by anonymous January 05, 2004
A person who suffers from an eating disorder and farts alot.
People stereotype runway models to be gerks.
by Erin McG. April 24, 2007
Secret society formed in the fall of 1971. It's sole purpose is to manipulate, and antagonize the human race. Heavily involved in advanced mind control techniques, the society molds political climates from an invisible distance. Induction into the organization is performed through a ritualistic ceremony known as "The De-warting".

Members, sometimes referred to as gerks, are scattered throughout the world. Their careers vary amongst the group, but most assume low-profile occupations as cover, and to avoid unnecessary attention to the society.
This has to be the workings of a Gerk conspiracy. No human could pull this crap off, and get away with it.
by Az45 July 29, 2006

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