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A sexual act; while having anal sex with a woman/man, the man pulls out his penis and has his partner turn around. The man then takes his penis and stamps a brown excrement mark in the center of the woman's/ man's forehead.
Guys, you'll never believe it- she finally wanted to try anal last night. In honor of the special occasion, I gave her a brown bindi when we finished!
by FMA.memories.PSU September 28, 2010
A sexual act; preferably with an aging recipient. When a man is receiving oral sex from a woman/man, he pulls his penis out of her/his mouth at climax, and at the same time the recipient removes her/his dentures. The man ejaculates onto the dentures and proceeds to place them back into his partner's mouth.
"Sweetie, we ran out of Poligrip. Will you run to the store and pick some up for me?"
"The car is out of gas dear. We can always try The Geriatric to have them temporarily hold until tomorrow."
"Good thinking Sweetie. Let's get a move on into the bedroom- we sure don't want to be late for the early bird special!"
by FMA.memories.PSU September 29, 2011
A sexual act; when a male has anal sex with a woman/ man, then removes his penis. The recipient then turns around and proceeds to give her/his partner oral sex.
"Dude, I can't believe she let my try the chili dog, bro."
"Chili dog?"
" Yeah man- dirty dogie style to head!"
by fMA.memories.PSU September 29, 2011
a sexual act similar to Snozzberries. The remnants left on a man's beard after going down on a woman who is having her period.
"Man, she is such a bitch today- she must be having her period."

"Yeah but I'm sure you enjoyed going down on her."

"What! How did you know?"

"Your sporting a Grizzly Adams bro."
by FMA.memories.PSU September 26, 2011
a sexual act, Canadian in nature; 5 star difficulty due to preparation and follow through. Setting: iced pond with fresh snow. Preparation: obtain four standard sized cafeteria trays, cover with honey and place on top of ice surface. One must lore his woman/ man down to the ice outside and begin to have sexual intercourse in the doggie style position. As the woman/man begins to get in the doggie style position, be sure to have her/ him place their hands and knees on the cafeteria trays, and the honey will adhere the hands & knees to the trays. When the man has completed, he can push the woman/man away to the center of the ice, and as she/he attempts to keep their balance they begin to clean the snow from the ice. Grab your skates, stick and puck- play some hockey boys.
"Eh fellas, I'm going to take the woman down by the pond tonight and give her the ole' zamboni." "Take off, eh!" "Yeah ya hoser. I'm gonna do it, so be ready for a pick up game on clean ice fellas!
by FMA.memories.PSU October 11, 2010
A sexual act. The remnants left on a man's nose after preforming oral sex on a woman who is having her period.
"She must be having her period."
"Yeah but I'm sure you enjoyed going down on her."
"What! How did you know?"

"Snozzberries bro."
by FMA.memories.PSU September 29, 2011

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