to genuinely reflect upon a situation, person, place, or thing
On his 45th birthday, Andrew wrote a letter to his mom genuflecting about his life
by sKIDl May 24, 2008
Top Definition
To bow down in a form of worship...used for holy people or respected people
Everybody genuflected to Muhammad Ali because they felt he was the greatest boxer of all time.
by B November 02, 2004
A command or action for one to get bend to one knee or on special occasion, both knees. either in worship or possibly a sexual command.
Cindy genuflect for me now!
by JmaT4shizzle May 07, 2006
To strike, usually in a violent manner, a lesser member of the human race.
You'd better wipe that grin off of your face before I genuflect you in the ass.
by Jonathunder January 02, 2007
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