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Gem the manufacturer of a very popular single edged razorblade, known as the GEM/STAR, commonly referred as a "gemstar"
"Cheers to the future as we toast to life.
i'm purveyin' in miami, i'm a socialite, nigga.
The cars are big, the cribs are bigger;
the kids are happy, the perfect picture.
Gemstar razor, the fruit of my labor..."
--Malace of The Clipse
#gemstar #gem star #razors #shank #ox
by RixiM November 25, 2006
a sharp object or shank used to cut the flesh of another like a knife, blade or razor.
50 Cent: "round here a gemstar is like a nine milli chrome/they similar in fact/they'll both split ya dome."

Beanie Sigel: "...No probation/My heart racin like im blunt lacin'/hennessy n malt liquor chasin/My gemstar scar niggas faces/"
#gem star #gemstar #shank #ox #knife
by tstyle December 01, 2005
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