Something so gay it is not even worth finishing the word gay to describe it.
Geh is 3 letters and so is is that any less short?
by RaMDaY May 18, 2005
Top Definition
How canadians say the word gay.
Geoff: Eh, your a geh boy aren't u?
Maurice: Of course, I'm super geh
by caesersalad213 October 10, 2011
1:remark made when astonished or shocked.
2:Catchphrase of the Cat "salem" in the TV show sabrina.
"Man Manchester United lost again tonight"

"mmm such great milkshakes"
"thats not milkshake, thats bleach"
by Curtis January 23, 2004
The non derogatory/non offensive way of saying the word (gay) pronounced G Eh

Copyright J.S
"people who lag are geh"

"Sway is geh"

"Tonight was so uneventful and geh"

"Boys are geh"

"i got my coffee and it wasnt hot ... that is sooooo geh"
by Jstice February 28, 2010
An alternate form of the word "Gay", said in an aggrevated, gutteral manner.

Nessie got away again?! That's so geh!!
by TJ Allen June 28, 2006
Geh- Noun, Adverb, Adjective
Origin: English (Spanish Accent)

1) Homosexual, or homosexual in nature

2) Stupid or Silly

3) Joyous time
Instructor: "What were Plato's feelings towards James in the film Rebel Without a Cause?"

Rolando: "Geh."

Instructor: No Rolando, think deeper."
by A Film History Witness August 18, 2011
pronounced l gai l

stupid in nature or boring. Dislike of something.

used to express dislike of something.

when people say gay it usually is insulting to gay's. Geh is a homophone of the word gay and has a different meaning
when your teacher takes your Phone you say
"that's so geh"
by bravocado October 13, 2009

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