Noun: Darn, Crumpits, Gah

See also: Damn
Genkai said "GEH!" When he spilled Green Tea on his leg and burnt a hole in his pants.
by Genkai May 26, 2007
Something so amazing you just need to say GEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so people think you are a fucking retard.
Bob: 'Yo I just got with this hot blonde'
Billy: 'Holy shit, GEH!!!!!'
Bob: 'Yeah man'
by himynameiswang September 11, 2011
A combination of a feeling and an expression- when someone does something that you normally would not care about ("meh"); but, it's so gay that you have to say something.
A: Hey, do you want to go watch a women's basketball game?

B: Geh...
noun, adjective, adverb -

1) Short for guarantee.

2) An affirmative statement.
"That's geh" meaning "that's a guarantee" as in "i guarantee that is true"

"geh" alone as in "yes, i agree that can be guaranteed"
by mr1niceguy June 12, 2009
to be shitty or shit
that is fucking geh
by jeek gomes November 22, 2003

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