synonym for good
Sally says: "It's all Geezy!"
by icedt July 10, 2008
Top Definition
The act of being a fucking thug of skis or snowboard refering to people who shred, combining the words gee and steezy, yadda mean, sucha s henrik harlaut, tom wallisch, and lucas magoon
Thats geezy as fuck, dub cork 9
by yadda mean August 16, 2009
Another term for the word "Gangster." To be only used in a jokingly matter. Never call a gangbanger a geezy.

=]M original.
Cool cat1: *laugh* Look at this, yo.
Cool cat2: Oooh sh*t. That's hella geezy.

Person: &then he said, "*Pulls down zipper and rips off jacket* YOU WANNA SEE ME, N*GGA?!"
Other person: Haha. That person is a geezy.
by =]M March 11, 2006
Pronounced G-eezy.

1. Someone who does not fit in. Ill-mannered, completely grotesque individul.

2. A guy who chase girls around and freaks them out. He also looks like ass.

3. A girl (G-EEZIA) who wears all-red clothes and blue lipstick.
Noora: Don't look now, but there's a a group of habarbash walking behind us.
Dalal: Oh man, is it International Geezy day?!

2. Look at her, wearing pink shoes and brown pants. What a geezia.
by Afnan August 04, 2005
Geezy was made by a bunch of gay faggots that live with there mums and it means wotever u want it to mean
i met this geezy the other day.
i just got geezed.
im all geezed out.
by Dell Fatass January 25, 2005
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