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A mild oath. Roughly equivalent to saying "Jesus Christ" as an oath, but less severe, and used so as not to get stricken down for blasphemy.
Geez Louise! I can't believe this definition isn't in here yet! (Actually I saw one but it was misspelled.)
by fizzle April 05, 2004
same as saying "Jesus Christ!" but in a lighter manner. Usually used to express exclamation.

In the movie "Thelma and Louise", Thelma: "Geeze, Louise. That wasn't very nice." Many think this to be the origin of this expression.
Geez louise, will you give up already?
by ShoXell August 01, 2009
oh my gooooodddd, i can't believe it.
when something is unbelievable.
"i never was a cheerleader, and i didn't make the squad, but GEEZ LOUISE, im'a be america's next top model!"
by cerys anne April 19, 2006