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Crazy; someone deranged and possibly dangerous; Derived from the Hindi word for insane
Her stressful work caused her to go geetu.
by Anonymous November 22, 2004
28 37
a stupid, dorky person. Usually someone you know who repeatedly displays this behavior.
Man, Keith got in a fight with the police, and they beat his ass again. Man, what a geetus
by Mr. North May 03, 2006
50 34

A person who consistently acts like a dumbass. A person who is a geeky nerd. A stupid person.
The reason our economy is such a wreck is because George Bush is a fucking geetus.
by Mr. North April 26, 2006
37 31
One own personal aura or style.
Can you believe that dude's geetus?... he's wearing mandals for crying out loud
10 11